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Personal Channel Setup How To Setup Your Very Own Channel At Battlecam

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Posted 21 October 2010 - 10:45 PM

Outdated needs new pictures to reflect site updates

List to more guides on the bottom of this post

There are three ways to get to your own channel.
  • Url:"your username" note: if your username had a period . your channel will look something like"your user number w/o quotes"
  • Clicking The Channel Tab on your profile page
  • Or Clicking on the My Channel button below the navigation bar

Your channel contains a Control Panel (My Controls) Located above chat
Clicking the My Controls button will open your Admin Controls

In this Section
A. General Broadcasting Options
B. Voting Options
C. Video Quality
D. Antispam Options
E. FME Server Config.
F. Room Style

A. General Broadcasting Options
  • Reload Chatroom: Used after video settings are changed (reloads page)
  • Unban All: Unbans all banned users in your room
  • Wipe Lineup: Removes all users in the line to broadcast
  • Remove All Mods: Removes moderator status from your Mods
    To Add Moderators: Click Find Users below chat. Find user you would like to be a Mod in your room and click
    "Make Moderator"
    You can individually remove Mod status from a user in the Moderators Tab of Find Users
  • Close 2nd Screen: Closes Split Screen
  • Disable Archives: Disables the Archives in your room
  • Disable Archives On Start up:Removes Archive previews from page: They will still be searchable By username or Video Id #
  • Disable Lineup: Forbids anyone from casting on your page, useful when your not casting
  • Disable Splitscreen
  • Disable Youtube Videos: Youtube videos will show as links in Chat
  • Disable Voting: Voting will be turned off
  • Disable Images: Images will be shown as links in chat. Warning: Some images users post may be rude
  • Disable Bad Words in Chat Room: Sets word filter blocking bad words
  • Broadcast Allowed For: Sets who can Cast in your channel. All, Only Moderators, Personal List.
    To Set Personal List Open Find Users below chat and click Add To Broadcasters
  • Ban Time in Minutes: Default is 1440mins. Mod's Default is 5mins.
  • Ban By IP: Bans user by IP address.
  • Allow Banners: Places Ad banners on your page

B. Voting Options
Void this section if voting is disabled in your room

  • Min Broadcast Time(sec): When voting is enabled this sets the time a user has on cam. If Likes are greater then Poops User will stay on until switched or Pooped off
  • Min Voter Users to Poop (percents): Percent of users needed to Vote off a caster.
  • Min poop vote percents: Percent of poop votes needed to switch to next caster in lineup

C. Video Quality

    Before making changes run Speedtest this will help you determine your settings
  • FPS: Frames Per Second.
  • Quality: Quality of your video
  • Bandwidth: Best left as default
  • & 5 Width & Height: Aspect Ratio of your video. 16:9/16:10 Ratios work best
    Aspect Ratio Chart

D. Anti Spam Options

  • Ban time in minutes: Amount of time user will be banned for spamming
  • Warning message: Message that will appear after (see #3.) of same messages
  • Number of same messages to be warned: Your message from #2. will appear after user spams same message this amount of times
  • Number of same messages to be banned: Amount of same messages until user is banned for spamming

E.FME Found

F. Room Style

  • Room Title: Name of your room that appears on All Channels and channel's on now Preview
  • Background Image: Default, Custom, or No Background (Color from #4. will be shown if No Background is selected)
  • Tile Background: Tiles your custom image
  • Background Color: Shown if No Background from #2. is selected
  • File select for Custom background

To Get more viewers click one of the share buttons above chat.
Posted Image

BattleCam Rules

If you're having Audio problems

How to use the View Users Panel

How to upload a Profile Picture

Using the On Screen Settings

Abducted By Aliens!

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